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Our Policies




When you call us to make a reservation for the current year, we require a deposit equal to the first nights stay in advance for each site reserved. The only change to this is during the Sturgis rally when we ask for a deposit equal to three nights stay unless you are staying less then 3 days. Please call us anytime at 1-800-346-4383 to make a reservation or fill out the make a reservation page. We are site specific and will try to make sure that the site you reserved is what you get, however we do reserve the right to change your site without prior notification if the need arises.



Pets are welcome at our campground as long as they don’t disturb our other guests and are not aggressive. We expect pet owners to keep control of their animals at all times, clean up after and take responsibility for any mess or damage they might do. This may mean charging a fee if a pet does damage in our campground. We do have wildlife at our campground including many rabbits and they are protected. Cats are not allowed to run free any more then dogs are. We ask that you not bring animals that are known to be aggressive or annoying to our campground. If you are bringing a pet to stay with you in a cabin, we ask that you not allow your pet on the furniture. Other people may be allergic and there will be an additional cleaning charge if we find evidence of pet hair on our furniture or beds. Smoking is not allowed in the cabins.



Our cancellation policy is: when a reservation is made, we require a deposit of one nights charge. Our cancellation policy period is 10 days before your arrival for an rv or tent site and 30 days before your arrival for a cabin. If we are informed of your change of plans during the policy period, we will refund your deposit less $10 for RV & tent site or $20 for a cabin. We do ask for 30 days notice if you have to cancel any reservation during a holiday or rally week. Holiday weeks include the days surrounding Memorial day, July 4th and Labor day. If you have questions about the cancellation policy period for your reservation, please ask our office. If we are not informed, or informed in less than the policy period, it will be management’s discretion as to how much, if any of your deposit is returned. Should you need to change the dates of your reservation please let us know within our cancellation policy period and we will be happy to accommodate you, subject to our availability. If you notify us of a change in less then the cancellation policy period days there may be a rescheduling fee imposed.



From the Friday before the Sturgis Rally until the Monday following the Sturgis Rally we go by Rally rates. We ask for 3 days deposit in advance for any site and will still give your deposit back less $30 per campsite or $60 per cabin if we are given at least 30 days notice. If you give us less then 30 days notice you will not get a refund back unless we are able to rebook the cabin for the entire time that you reserved it for. It will be the management’s discretion how much if any you get back. We only take reservations for the next year’s rally after thursday of the current year’s rally. Please call for details.



We understand that sometimes your plans change after you have made your reservations or after you have registered for your stay at our campground. Our policy is: If you let us know at least 10 days (30 days during Rally or a Holiday period) before your arrival of your plan change we will do all we can to make the changes necessary with no additional fee. However, if it is less then 10 days (30 days during Rally or a Holiday period) before you check in a penalty may apply. Upon your arrival to our campground there will be no early departure refunds. Whatever you have reserved, you will be asked to pay for in full.



There is a non-refundable $20 charge to make your reservation. It is your responsibility to call us at 1-800-346-4383 by the end of February to confirm or cancel the reservation. We will give you one courtesy call to ask you to confirm if you haven’t called us by February 28th. If we don’t get a response back from you within a week’s time, we will consider your reservation void. A deposit equal to 3 nights stay is required when you confirm a reservation for the Sturgis Rally week, otherwise one day is required. If you cancel before Feb.15, no other charge will be applied. After Feb.15, or after you have confirmed your reservation, you will be charged your deposit. If you cancel after confirming the reservation and you have given us at least 10 days notice, you will receive the predetermined refund excluding the $20.00 early deposit which is NON-REFUNDABLE, however it does become part of your total deposit when you check in. Please let us know as soon as possible if you have a change in plans. Thank you for choosing to stay with us and we look forward to hearing from you in February and welcoming you back to our campground in 2018.