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Nearby Attractions

Downtown Custer, SD.  Photo by Davis Ray Sickmon, Jr
Downtown Custer, SD. Photo by Davis Ray Sickmon, Jr

MOUNT RUSHMORE is 22 minutes Northeast from the campground on Hwy 16 and SR-244. Before you go to Mt. Rushmore the first time, stop in our office and we will show you a very scenic way to approach Mt. Rushmore. The scenic route will show you the beauty of the Black Hills and will take you on the Needle’s highway and the Iron Mountain Road. On the wild life loop road you may be able to see Buffalo, Elk, Prairie Dogs, Antelope, the Begging Burro’s and other wildlife. Mt Rushmore has a lighting ceremony from Memorial Day through the end of September. The mountain is illuminated every night throughout the year. Mt. Rushmore also stays open all year. You can call 605-574-2523 to find out times for the lighting ceremony as they change throughout the season. It is good to go early, dress warmly and maybe even take a blanket.

CRAZY HORSE MONUMENT is just 10 minutes north of Custer on Hwy 16. It has a wonderful display of Native American Artifacts and showcases how the natives lived. They also have a wonderful gift shop and do a night time laser light show and stays open all year.

JEWEL CAVE NATIONAL MONUMENT is 9 minutes West from the campground, 15 minutes from the center of Custer. They have several tours every day and is open all year. They do not take reservations so you need to go into the cave early to get a ticket. It is a pretty strenuous tour which involves over 700 steps.

Wind Cave Visitors Center in WIND CAVE NATIONAL PARK is 25 minutes South-southeast from the campground south on Hwy 385. It has more different types of tours and is open all year.

The city of HOT SPRINGS with its Mammoth Site, Evans Plunge which is an indoor natural hot springs water park and Angostura Reservoir is 45 minutes from our campground. Outside of Hot Springs you can find the Wild Horse Sanctuary and Cascade Falls.

Downtown Historic Deadwood, SD.  Photo by Davis Ray Sickmon, Jr
Downtown Historic Deadwood, SD. Photo by Davis Ray Sickmon, Jr

RAPID CITY is 50 minutes North-northeast from the campground on Hwy 16. On the way to Rapid City you can see Old McDonalds Farm, Bear Country, Cosmos, Reptile Gardens and various other attractions, with the newest being The America’s Founding Fathers Exhibit which is a replica of Independence Hall.

DEADWOOD is where you can go gamble and look at buildings that have been kept original 1880 standards. There are many places to eat and while a way a few hours. Buildings all have to adhere to historic standards.

LEAD is an hour North-northeast from the campground and is where you can see the Open Cut and a surface tour of the closed down Homestake Mine which is now host to the Sanford Lab where they are searching for neutrinos.

SPEARFISH is 1 1/2 hours North-northeast from the campground. The drive through Spearfish Canyon is very scenic any time of the year. There is also Roughlock Falls, Spearfish Falls and Bridal Veil Falls to see. Cheyenne Crossing and Savoy are great places to stop for refreshment.

The main attractions that are located two hours away are DEVIL’S TOWER & BADLANDS NATIONAL PARK. Devil’s Tower is northwest of the campground and the Badlands and Wall Drug Store are East of the campground.

The Badlands, SD.  Photo By Davis Ray Sickmon, Jr
The Badlands, SD. Photo By Davis Ray Sickmon, Jr

There are many more things to do in the Black Hills area. Please feel free to ask at the desk, browse our many brochures or consult our Custer Chamber of Commerce or Black Hills Badlands and Lakes which we have links for on our home page.