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Large Sleeping Cabin 6

Back to Rates & Services Page Our NEWEST CABIN called a large sleeping cabin, is 16′ X 16’and is located next to the lower showers and replaced Cabin 5. It is equipped with air conditioning, heating, electricity, cable tv and Wifi, hardwood floors with throw rugs and is finished in knotty pine. All cabins have a fire pit and picnic table outside. There is a 4′ X 12′ porch, coffee pot, table and 6 chairs. There is a set of double sized bunk bed, a regular double bed and a futon. There is floor space for baby beds (not provided), sleeping bags and air mattresses. Interior has a cathedral ceiling, and a ceiling fan. There is a wall separating the two sets of beds and has a curtain that can be pulled for privacy. Like all of our cabins, bedding and towels are not provided but can be provided for an extra fee. Although this cabin can sleep up to 8 people, our rates are based on a family of four. Pets are allowed in the cabins, but must be kept off the furniture. A charge may be applied if there is dog hair found on the furniture or in the shower. An extra tent on a site will cost $24 extra. This cabin is now being built and when it is finished we will display some pictures.


  • Standard On-Season Rate: $85.00
  • Sturgis Rate:  $110.00
  • Off-Season Rate:  $65.00

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