12005 US Hwy 16, Custer, SD 57730

(605) 673-2464 blcres@goldenwest.net



Beaver Lake Horseshoe Pit

Volley ball, tether ball and two horse shoe pits are available on a first come, first serve basis. We also have some lawn games available at the office. Please curtail your use to 9am to 9pm.


Playground is open 9:am to 9:pm for children under the age of 12.

Dump Service

Dump Service is available upon request at office. Charge for dump service on site is $10 per occurrence.

Dump station is free for registered campers to use and $8:00 for non campers.

Rec Hall

rec hall inside 016

Rec Hall is available for reunions and large parties to have gatherings, meals etc.  It is equipped with a working fridge, large screen TV, tables and chairs for 50 people, several griddles, coffee pots, two sinks with running water a microwave, a large barbecue grill and firepit outside. There is no stove or oven. We also have a open air pavilion that is available for rent, or use by our campers. Please let the office know if you wish to use either of these facilities, because they are some times reserved. There is also going to be a 6:00pm non-denominational service held at the rec hall on Sunday’s from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

Bicycles & ATVs

Free bicycles are available for campers to use on our property at their own risk.

We ask that the bicycles to be brought to a bike rack before they depart. No BMXing is allowed. Parents are asked to monitor their children’s behavior and keep their use to campground roads. DO NOT GO THROUGH ANY CAMPSITE occupied or unoccupied on foot or on bikes.

You may bring atv’s and golf carts to our park, but we do ask that you not use them to joyride throughout the park. They are allowed only to get to and from our store, pools and bathrooms. We do not rent out our golf carts but we do sometimes lend them to our handicap campers upon request.


There are two laundry rooms on site available for anyone to use 24 hours a day. All machines take quarters. Please see office for details on their use. We ask that no shoes or rugs are washed or dried in our machines. No bleach is to be used. A change machine is available at any time beside the upper laundry. Change machine takes, $1 to $20 bills.


ATM is available and costs $2.00 per transaction. It is emptied daily and is under video surveillance.


lower shower 1846

There are 4 bathroom/shower houses available at the campground. They are located at the pool, lower level and behind the main store.

Bathrooms are always open except for during cleaning. There is no charge for using our facilities if you are a camper. Non campers can have a shower at our facility for $4.00 per person. Showers have hot water. The handicap/ family bathroom is kept locked and is available on a case by case basis to those in need. We ask that this facility is used only for parents wanting to give small children showers and for handicapped guests. All other campers are asked to use our other 3 main facilities.

Bathrooms are cleaned daily and campers are asked to let the office know if they need attention.


Propane bottle fills and motorhome fills are available during office hours. Fills after hours are provided on an emergency basis. There is a
$10 minimum charge for a bottle fills if the fill cost is under $10. We don’t have a standard bottle fill rate, we charge by the gallon.


Beaver Lake Campground Storefront

At our main office we have a convenience store with some camper supplies, basic groceries, rv parts, souvenirs, brochures and maps for much of the Black Hills region. We are happy to give you advice and directions about tourist destinations in the black hills area.

Car Rental

We are in the market for a newer 7 passenger van that will be available for rent. Rates will be a little higher and when everything is determined we will post it here. You will need to reserve the use of the rental car with our office.

WiFi, Cable, and Internet

WiFi is available to all campers at no cost. There are dsl hookups at the front of the store and in the internet lounge.

Cable TV is available at each rv site, but not at tent sites. TV cable is not provided, it is available for purchase in our store. Please check the handout sheet for information on channel availability and more details.

Internet Lounge is open during business hours and after hours upon request. There is a cabled TV available as well as board games that are allowed to be used around the store area. We ask that they do not be taken to your campsite.


There are 4 dumpsters located throughout the park. Please check map handout for their location. The trash cans that you see scattered throughout the park are not for use for trash. They are used for watering the trees. Please do not load them with trash. We do not pick up trash at each site, please use our dumpsters.


Firewood is available during office hours. We sell firewood by the bundle or the wagon load. Please check with office for details and prices.

SD is a quarantined state and no firewood is to come into our park from out of state. If you are wanting to bring in firewood, please discuss it with us first. We are continually battling emerald ash borer and mountain pine beetle.


Drinking water is available throughout the park. There is a designated faucet for campers to use to fill up on the side of the building and between 34 and 35. All water is good to drink at our park. Car, truck and rv washing is acceptable to our campers for a fee during 10:am and 5pm. Please go to office and arrange payment.


We have several areas designated for walking your pets. Please do not go through occupied campsites to walk your animals. There are several open areas close to where you are camping and also in the meadow below 50. Please pick up after your pets. We also have several dog stations that have pick up bags and waste disposal in our park.

We have a lot of rabbits at our campground. Although they are basically wild, they like to be fed by our campers. We ask that you don’t try to catch them, carry them around or take them home with you. We know they might be aggravating to some dog owners, they are not under our control but they are under our protection. We would appreciate knowing if any camper sees them being abused or harmed in any way.

Keep Us Beautiful

We have several areas decorated with rocks that need to be kept in place. These are placed for decorative purposes or retainer walls. Please do not remove.


We do offer site escort to each camper that comes to our park. We are glad to help you with where to park extra vehicles and trailers. We do ask that all vehicles stay on graveled areas.